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True Electrostatic Technology

Designed to spray around the target comprehensively & efficiently.

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high capacity

Two lightweight lithium ion batteries gives you total of 15 hours running time.

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hand-held cordless

Best hand-held sprayer suits perfectly for gyms, restaurants, workplaces etc.

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long Spray Range

Come with options of 40 / 60 micron nozzles which can spray up to 3 metres.

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Advector-X Electrostatic Knapsack


Powerful commercial fine micron electrostatic knapsack sprayer coats hundreds of sqm in just minutes with 5.5-hours runtime. Ideal for outdoor or large areas.                                                                                                                            

Advector-X Thermal Fogger


Fully portable & petrol-driven thermal fogger primarily used for large warehouses, outdoors or industrial uses. Powered by a petrol jet engine this Fogger can cover large areas in a small amount of time.

Advector-X Ultrasonic Transport


Advector-X new invention ultrasonic transport machine could deliver disinfection of all surfaces inside a commercial jet airplane in less than 30 mins, a train carriage in less than 20 mins or a bus in around 10 mins.

Best Antimicrobial To
Put Into These

Novalent® ready-to-use antimicrobial surface treatment approved for use on food contact surfaces offers an alternative approach to Inhibit viruses, bacteria, and fungi from returning to your Novalent-treated surfaces.

Novalent RTU 4 Pack

Laboratory tests have shown Novālent to protect surfaces
against a variety of virus, bacteria and fungi.

Human Coronavirus Reduction
Area Covered By One Gallon
Of Novālent AM RTU
EPA Registered
Up To
3 Months Protection

About Novālent

2020’s Global pandemic affected the way the world thinks about hygiene and by default altered and increased hygiene standards and protocols globally.

Novalent® distributed by Viral Shield is a biotechnology engineering firm that has pioneered the development of a long-lasting technology to protect against bacteria. Novalent’s new cleaning product is reportedly the only of its kind to have the certified claim of providing the highest level of antimicrobial protection for up to 90 days. This is a game-changer for a multitude of industries, especially those that are extremely hygiene sensitive.

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Viral Shield team also offers a premium virus disinfection service using groundbreaking product NOVĀLENT®  that is cost-effective and gives your loved one and staff comprehensive protection for up to 90 days.

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