Electrostatic Hand-held Gun

Rechargeable battery

The Advector-X ESG comes with a 4 AH and a 2 AH Lithium slide-on battery which gives a total of 15 hours runtime. The slide-on feature makes changing batteries fast and simple.

Product Saving

The Advector-X ESG creates a positive charge when liquid is passed through the nozzle which will repel each other in the air and are driven into nooks and crannies by the application process which allows a more frantic and dynamic distribution of droplets.

Comfortable Design

The gun is lightweight and easy to hold with a safety switch to avoid the device operating accidentally or whilst in transit. There are both non-electrostatic and electrostatic options along with a double locking system to lock the tank into position.

Quality Product

Advector-X ESG has metallic nozzles, robust mechanisms, longer runtime with the distinct advantage of 2 slides on batteries compared to other similar products. The device and accompaniments are all contained in a secure aluminum case giving safe, protected portability between sites.

ESG Parts

Stainless Steel Nozzle

40 Micron / 60 Micron Oval-Sharped

ESG Parts

Electrostatic Switch

According to your needs, flexible choice of electrostatic demand.

ESG Parts

Safety Knob

Avoid turning on the switch accidentally.

Tank Lock

Easily swing the button to fix the water tank.

Advector-X ESG Specification
Advector-X ESG Specification
ESG Specs