Electrostatic Knapsack Sprayer

Rechargeable battery

The ESK comes standard with a large, high-quality lithium-ion battery which offers 5.5 hours of runtime. Reliability, extended runtime, and quality make the ESK one of the best options in Electrostatic spray application solutions on the market.

Product Saving

Spare nozzles offer fine and medium droplets sizes and there are nozzle plugs to block up to two nozzles if finer coatings are required. Check our video for a field demonstration.

Comfortable Design

The ESK design considers human load bearing with an ergonomic design for user comfort and with safety in mind. Padded back straps offer a comfortable fit for operators of all sizes and fitness levels.

Quality Product

Advector-X ESK has been tested against dozens of other similar products and have proven to perform at the highest level in terms of quality, coverage, run-time, liquid product saving, and longevity.

Surrounds All Objects

Combined with the strong fans pushing droplets at high wind speeds, the electrostatic heads ensure droplets are positively charged which enables attraction to negatively charged inanimate objects maximizing droplet coverage, under and behind all objects in range.

ESK parts

Strong Fan System

Strong fans in the delivery wand ensure droplets are forced into all areas in range. The machine can be operated with or without the fan by way of a fan switch on the handle. The fan-forced option will allow treatment to a 3 meter distance and non-fan forced is only for confined spaces.

ESK parts

Large Water tank

The ten-liter water tank is made with high-grade materials offering strength and longevity. When diffusing Novalent, one full ten-liter tank will treat well over 1000 square meters. Unlike some other machines with 15 – 20 liter tanks, the Advector-X ESK carries less weight so much easier to manage for all sized operators.

ESK parts

LED Display

The LED screen shows ambient temperature, the voltage being delivered as the power source, and the remaining battery capacity which is very handy to estimate runtime remaining.

Product Specification Picture
Advector-X ESK Specification
ESK Specs