Thermal Cannon

Rechargeable battery

The Advector-X Thermal Cannon featuring petrol powered jet pulse engine has an electric starter powered by a slide-in 12-volt rechargeable battery and comes complete with a battery charger. Recharging the battery takes around 90 minutes. Spare batteries are available by pre-order.

Product Saving

The particle pushed out at high velocity by the jet pulse engine is very low micron which enables comprehensive adhesion forced onto targets. The droplets are delivered close to the evaporation flashpoint which aids fast drying of treated areas.

Comfortable Design

The adjustable back straps make the unit comfortable for the operator. The machine has a shoulder strap for weight disbursement which makes using the machine manageable for operators of all heights and weights.

Quality Product

The Advector-X Thermal Cannon is the world’s most advanced product of its kind whose character is simple structure, no wearing between components, low failure rate, long service life, easy maintenance, less fuel consumption, and high working efficiency.

Long Range & Super Atomizing

The Best Choice For Large Area Disinfection

Advector-X Thermal Fogger Specification
Advector-X Thermal Fogger Specification
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